• Birdie is a yellow bird from McDonaldland. The first identifiably female character, introduced in February 1980[1]Added by Plyjacksto promote the company's new breakfast items. She wears a pink jumpsuitand flight cap and scarf; in later years her legs were orange. In the ads she was frequently portrayed as a poor flyer and somewhat clumsy in general. Birdie's origin was explained in one old commercial: a giant egg falls from the night sky into McDonaldland, and Ronald McDonald decided to show the egg love. Birdie was a regular in "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald", but shown in a different outfit. In "Scared Silly", she believed that aliens took her birdbath. In "Visitors from Outer Space", Birdie took karate lessons and was as good as her karate teacher; he referred to her as "Little Bird". Birdie was played by actress Patti Maloney and voiced by Russi Taylor in the commercials and by Christine Cavanaugh in "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald."

first episode appearance - McDonald's PlayPlace