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Corduroy The Bear having two buttons on his overalls


two buttons on Corduroy The Bear's overalls

Corduroy is a 1997 animated TV series based on Don Freeman's 1968 children's book Corduroy. The show was shown on PBS Kids' Bookworm Bunch along with The Flintstones until it was cancelled along with Elliot Moose. The show was a Jamaican Caribbean show since Lisa and her mother were from Jamaica. It was directed by Louis Piche and Larry Jacobs. In Canada, the show was shown on Treehouse TV as well as TVOntario, but has since been removed from these station's schedules as well. It is now on TVO on Mondays and Fridays at 1:00-1:15. In the UK it is currently being shown on Tiny Pop. This show was seen on ABC (American Broadcast Company in 1997- present. This Show was originally on ABC (American Broadcast Company). The show will have New episodes in the future to show how they got the button out of the storm drain and put the button back on Corduroy The Bear's overalls and that he does have to buttons on his overalls this year and forever by a future famous writer named Patrick William Rich. This will be Nelvana's longest running preschool TV series.


[hide]*1 [edit Characters]


  • Corduroy - Lisa's stuffed bear (Corduroy's personality is similar to a 2 year old child)
  • Lisa - Corduroy's Owner (Corduroy's mother) (a teenage girl)
  • Pandro - Janitor and Repair man
  • Rosetta the Mouse
  • Buckaroo - the Horse
  • Moppy (Real name- Marty) - Lisa's friend (a teenage boy) (father of Corduroy)
  • Mrs Chao - Lisa's Chinese neighbour
  • Mom - Lisa's Mother (Corduroy's grandmoter) a woman who was born in 1940).
  • Ronald McDonald - Mascot of McDonald's.
  • Birdie The Early Bird - a beautiful yellow bird.
  • Grimace - a funny purple monster.
  • Hamburglar - loves to take burgers and fries.
  • Fry Guys - Very funny fry kids.
  • Mayor McCheese - mayor of McDonald land amusement park and McDonald's PlayPlaces.
  • Officer Big Mac - officer of McDonald land amusement park and McDonald's PlayPlaces.
  • Professor Pinchworm - a criminal who framed Ronald McDonald for an armed robbery and hates Corduroy The Bear and tries to kidnap him.

[edit] Rembember they did got the button out of the storm diran and they did put the button back on Corduroy The Bear's overalls.


  • Lost and Found
  • Going Up
  • Good Night, Corduroy
  • Soap Flakes
  • Ice Dream
  • Special Delivery
  • Clean Up
  • Music Lesson
  • Ship's Ahoy
  • Help Wanted
  • Flight of Fancy
  • 1 + 1 = 2
  • Cute as a Button (and remember they did get the button out of the storm drain and they did put the button Back on Corduroy the Bear's overalls and Corduroy The Bear does have two buttons on his overalls this year and forever).
  • Sleep Tight
  • Tooth Ache
  • Mop Top
  • Art Smart
  • A Hot Day in the City
  • Yours, Mine and Ours
  • Say Cheese
  • Once, Twice, Ice
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Super Duper Market
  • Party Plans
  • Finders Keepers
  • Between the Covers

and new episodes comming up.

up coming episodes

  • Two buttons again and forever
  • McDonald's PlayPlace
  • Good Morning Corduroy
  • Ronald gets Busted
  • Italian Vacation
  • Corduroy goes to School
  • Corduroy's birthday
  • Corduroy goes to the Doctor
  • Corduroy's Babysitter
  • Don't fear the home fixer
  • Polka Dots (circles on Mickey Mouse's red pants)
  • Corduroy's Halloween
  • The Monster
  • Black Widower
  • Corduroy's Thanksgiving
  • Blue's Clues I'm so excited
  • The naughty 10 year old
  • Ronald McDonald's The Tom and Jerry show Marathon
  • The Tom and Jerry Movie
  • The NFL football game
  • Jeporday and Wheel of Fortune
  • Handy Dandy Notebook
  • A visit with Santa in the mall

Corduroybear1 121-1-jhn

Lisa and Corduroy


corduroy The Bear hugging with Lisa




The Channel This Show was oringinal on

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