Italian Vacation is the fifth episode of Corduroy Season 2 by Nelvana


In this episode is when Lisa and Moppy are getting married. They are having an Italian Vacation with Corduroy and that is where they are having a wedding and they found a poor wooden boy to take care of him to turn him back into a real boy.


One Morning Corduroy saw Lisa and Moppy planning on a vacation to Italy and they saw some Choice hotels commercials on TV. Lisa and Moppy planned to stay at a Comfort Inn in Rome Italy because they wanted to get married In Rome Italy. And Corduroy The Bear wanted to go to and Lisa and Moppy agreed with Corduroy and off they packed for the vacation and they waved bye at Lisa’s Mother and she told Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy have fun on your vacation. And they are off to the airport to get on a plane to Italy and While Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy were waiting for the plane and they had breakfast at the airport McDonald’s and they all had hash browns, sausage mcmuffins with egg, and orange juice and they were yummy. Lisa and Moppy also got coffee with cream and sweetener and everybody sat down to the waiting area until when the plane came by. And once the plane came by everybody aboard the airplane and Corduroy The Bear wanted to sit next to the window and Moppy wanted to sit to the end so Lisa will be in between Moppy and Corduroy. Everybody put on their seat belts like what the rules say. Once after everybody has seat belted the airplane was about to depart. While the airplane is departing for Italy Corduroy watches the beautiful view of the airport and then the airplane takes off on the flight track. Once the airplane has landed at the airport in Rome Italy the passengers got off and went to the baggage claim to get their luggage. Corduroy got his luggage which had Ronald McDonald’s face on it and full of his stuff like his Ronald McDonald pajamas, his Ronald McDonald toothbrush, and all of his stuff. Lisa and Moppy got their luggages which are full of their stuff, pajamas, and toothbrush. Then Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy the bear got all of their luggages and went off to the Hertz bus to get a rental car and once they got off the bus at the rental car place they went in the rental car building Corduroy sat down on a chair and wait for Lisa and Moppy to pay for the rental car. Then the rental car person gave Lisa and Moppy a receipt and told them that the perfect rental car they get is a 2015 Chevrolet Venture. Also the rental car told Lisa and Moppy the gas stations in Italy and they told about the gas stations from where they live like Exxon and Mobil. And Lisa got Corduroy and Moppy guided Lisa to the car and once they found the car Corduroy thinks it is beautiful and silvery and once they got in the car Moppy was the driver and Lisa sat in the front next to Moppy and Corduroy sat behind Lisa with his booster seat Lisa had brought with her and Corduroy thinks it is cool and cozy. The first aron before The Carolleys (Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy The Bear) reached to the Comfort Inn in Downtown Rome is they stopped at the Best Buy by the airport to buy some DVDs and a portable DVD player, and head phones so Corduroy could watch videos when Lisa and Moppy are helping with directions to the hotel from the airport. The DVDs Lisa and Moppy bought were couple of The Ronald McDonald show DVDs, The Tom and Jerry show DVDs, The Flintstones DVDs, The Simpsons season 16 DVD, Walt Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, and Walt Disney’s Fantasia, Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, Walt Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Disney’s Aladdin, and Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And once Lisa and Moppy put the bag of DVDs and a portable DVD player by Corduroy The Bear’s seat Moppy was starving and hungry so The Carolleys (Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy) got in the car and got on the highway to find a restaurant for lunch and they found a good exit with good restaurants and they founded a McDonald’s and so The Carolleys (Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy) were off to the McDonald’s and the McDonald’s was similar to the one at their home which has a big huge indoor PlayPlace and a drive thru. Once the Carolleys got in the McDonald’s they ordered their meal. Lisa got a quarter pounder with medium French fries and a large drink, Moppy got a big Mac with large French fries and a large drink, and Corduroy got a big Mac and French fries happy meal with a child sized drink. For the drinks Lisa got Diet Coke, Moppy got Coke, and Corduroy got Orange Hi-C. The Carolleys (Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy) ate all of their meals and drank all of their drinks. And after the Carolleys finished their meals Lisa said “I bet all locations of McDonald’s are going to have a PlayPlace now but they didn’t do PlayPlaces in the old days when my mom was a girl but they do now”. And Moppy said “I believe it”. Then Corduroy opened his happy meal toy and it was The Simpsons: Don’t fear The Roofer Little Golden Book and he loved it and then Corduroy wanted to play in the PlayPlace and Lisa said “okay you may but don’t pitch a fit you I say it is time to go”. “Okay Lisa” said Corduroy. Then Corduroy was off to play in the PlayPlace then Lisa and Moppy chat about their wedding and Lisa’s cell phone was ringing and Lisa picked up her cell phone and said “Hello” and the person who is calling Lisa is me Patrick William Rich. I was telling Lisa to have a good time in Italy and her marriage to Moppy. And I told Lisa that the company told me that all locations of McDonald’s are going to have a PlayPlace now and that is cool. And Lisa said “that is very fantastic”. Also I told Lisa that they are building a McDonald’s just like the one near her home with a big huge indoor PlayPlace that I created to take over the South Park studios and I love so much and everybody loves so much near the transportation and ticket center at Walt Disney World. And Lisa said “That is so cool and I can absolutely take my son Corduroy The Bear with me to that new McDonald’s when I come to Walt Disney World and I am planning to come on the first week of October and that will be great and Corduroy The Bear starts school right after Labor day”. Then I said “No problem just know that you have to call your bear Corduroy’s teacher and everything will be okay”. “Thank you Patrick” said Lisa. And Lisa hanged up her cell phone. Meanwhile at the play equipment where Corduroy The Bear was playing he slid down the slide and land in the ball pit Corduroy swam in the ball pit. And then Lisa said “Corduroy it is time to go”. And Corduroy said with a big smile without pitching a fit “Okay Lisa”. Then Corduroy walked up to Lisa and gave her a hug. Then the Carolleys ordered McFlurries to have in the car Lisa and Moppy both had a large Oreo McFlurry and Corduroy had a child sized Oreo McFlurry. Once The Carolleys got in the car they ate their McFlurries first then Lisa and Moppy got out the directions to the Comfort Inn in downtown Rome. Moppy started the car and got back on the highway again to the Comfort Inn in Downtown Rome and while on the highway Lisa plugged in the portable DVD player in the car adapter and then Corduroy watched his most favorite episode of The Simpsons which is Don’t Fear The Roofer. Corduroy watched couple more DVD until Lisa and Moppy reached to the Comfort Inn. Once the Carolleys have reached to the Comfort Inn Lisa and Moppy checked in and Corduroy Waited in the car to wait until unpack the luggages. And Lisa and Moppy have seen the Rauland Telecenter cable box in the hotel lobby in the check in area. And the check in people told Lisa and Moppy that all hotels form Choice Hotels use Rauland Telecenter as their television cable system. Also they told Lisa and Moppy that Choice Hotels has taken over Holiday Inn because Choice Hotels is more modern than Holiday Inn and that Rauland Telecenter has taken over DirecTV because Rauland Telecenter is better money saving and more cooler than DirecTV. Lisa and Moppy got there room number it is on the 8th floor and it is 815. Then the Carolleys got the luggages and The DVDs and the portable DVD player so Corduroy could watch his DVDs until Labor Day. Once the Carolleys got to the room they brought everything in and unpacked their luggage and put their stuff in where they go. The DVDs and the portable DVD player go next to the TV set which is connected by Rauland Telecenter which is Choice Hotel’s television cable system and the clothes and bathing suit goes in the drawers under the television set and everything is put in where it belongs during the vacation. Then Corduroy picked his bed which is close to the bathroom. And Lisa and Moppy picked the bed next to the Window so they can watch fireworks on nights with fireworks because they are in love and going to get married. After the Carolleys picked their bed it was dinner time and Lisa and Moppy picked Olive Garden and they took Corduroy to see how it looks like. And once the Carolleys went to the Olive Garden they checked in for a party of three people Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy The Bear. And there was a table ready for them. So The Carolleys found a table and ordered their food and drinks Lisa and Moppy wanted an Italian Chicken Parmesan pasta and Corduroy wanted the kid’s cheese ravioli and the drinks were first to ordered when the waiter came to order Lisa and Moppy are getting both an Italian Chicken Parmesan pasta. Lisa wanted Diet Coke, Moppy wanted Coke, and Corduroy wanted apple juice. Then the drinks came and came with pasta visoul soup as the appetizer and the Carolleys drank there drinks first and at the soup before their main meal comes and then the waiter brought their main meals to enjoy and the Carolleys ate all of their food and drank their drinks and they all enjoyed it. After the foods were all eaten and the drinks were all drank Lisa pay for the dinner and got a receipt and then on the way out The Carolleys saw a boy who has ate his dinner and enjoyed it and it was Pinocchio from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio (1939) and they all walked to him to see what is the problem with him and his daddy Geppetto Disney told The Carolleys that an evil wizard which was Stromboli and turned him back into a wooden boy and he was crying and told them to do a favor for Geppetto Disney is to take care of Pinocchio until he gets a home in the United States close to where Lisa and Corduroy The Bear Live so Pinocchio will not go to Stromboli’s puppet theatre again. Lisa said “It’s a good idea I’ll do that for you Geppetto”. “Thanks” said Geppetto Disney. Pinocchio Disney came to Lisa and gave her a big hug and Lisa was holding Pinocchio Disney and taking him back to the Comfort Inn along with the rest of The Carolleys. And back in the car Pinocchio sat next to Corduroy and then Lisa and Moppy got in the car and Moppy drove back to the Hotel. And back at the Hotel Corduroy wanted to go swimming with his new friend Pinocchio and Lisa said “Sure” and The Carolleys got on their bathing suits and they had an extra bathing suit for Pinocchio Disney so he could go swimming with them too. And the Carolleys including Pinocchio were off to the pool at the Comfort Inn and they all enjoyed swimming in the swimming pool. And then after they swam Pinocchio and The Carolleys got some ice cream cones. And back in the hotel room Pinocchio and The Carolleys watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on TV Lisa and Moppy likes that show and so as Corduroy and Pinocchio. And after Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune came The Simpsons. Corduroy and Pinocchio laughed when they watched The Simpsons and thought it was funny. And After The Simpsons Corduroy and Pinocchio got on pajamas and brushed teeth and go to bed. And couple minutes after Corduroy and Pinocchio went to sleep Lisa and Moppy were getting ready for bed by putting pajamas on and brushing their teeth for the fun things and the cool things they will all do in Rome. And the next day The Carolleys and Pinocchio got up and get dressed and ready to do the fun and cool things they do in Rome. In each and every day until the wedding which is one day before Labor Day Lisa, Moppy, Corduroy, and Pinocchio did all the fun and cool stuff in Rome Italy like a river boat, visiting the arc textures and museums of Rome and Shopping In malls and finding gifts and dining out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and took some pictures. And on the Morning of the Wedding Lisa, Moppy, Corduroy, and Pinocchio came to stop at Geppetto’s workshop and saw a United States Moving van there and that Geppetto was selling his workshop top a good friend and a perfect address in the United States to live in which is 4 Amherst Ct North Brunswick, NJ and open a toy workshop in Newark New Jersey. Corduroy went to his imagination to see how Geppetto would be happier to have his home in the United States so it will be easier for Pinocchio not to go to Stromboli’s puppet theater ever again. And Back in real Lisa, Moppy, Corduroy, and Pinocchio were about to have breakfast at IHOP. And at IHOP Lisa and Moppy ordered Strawberry Rooty Tooty fresh and fruity with coffee and Corduroy and Pinocchio got the blueberry Rooty Tooty fresh and fruity with apple juice. Pinocchio and The Carolleys finished all of their food and drink. And after breakfast was the wedding Lisa and Moppy already had their wedding clothes on Lisa was the bride and Moppy was the groom. And the wedding was at the McDonald’s they went when they first got to Rome. Lisa and Moppy went to the parson and they were talking about the marriage and they said if they want to get married and Lisa was holding wedding flowers. “I do” said Moppy then he but the wedding ring on Lisa and gave her a true loves kiss and everybody cheered for the marriage of Lisa and Moppy. And after the wedding it was lunch time and The Carolleys ordered there food. Lisa got a Quarter Pounder with medium French fries, Moppy got Big Mac with large French fries, Corduroy got a Big Mac and French fries happy meal, and Pinocchio Disney got a Cheeseburger and French fries happy meal. And For the drinks Lisa got a large Diet Coke, Moppy got a large Coke, Corduroy and Pinocchio Disney got a child sized orange Hi-C. They all drank there drinks and ate all of their foods. Corduroy and Pinocchio loves pressing the buttons on top of the cup lids. And after lunch Ronald McDonald and his friends came to air an episode of The Ronald McDonald show in Italy Corduroy and Pinocchio were guests for the episode and they all meet Ronald McDonald and his friends in person. Corduroy and Pinocchio wanted to share their talents. Corduroy’s talent is to go up the PlayPlace and slide down a slide and swim in the ball pit at least 30 seconds. Pinocchio’s talent was to perform I’ve got no strings in front of the audience of The Ronald McDonald show which are Children and their parents. And after the talents Ronald McDonald and his friends all said thank you and tell them about intruders and how to be safe. And Stromboli trespass into the McDonald’s to kidnap Pinocchio and Ronald McDonald caught Stromboli to stop him and Ronald McDonald told Stromboli “Pinocchio is Geppetto’s son not your son”. And the Kids shouted “Boo Stromboli and we like Ronald McDonald and his friends better than Stromboli”.  And the kids began to throw cookie dough at Stromboli. And Ronald McDonald returned Corduroy and Pinocchio back to Lisa and Moppy. The Carolleys went back to the hotel as fast as they can so they can pack up to leave and go back to The United States early they all packed up their clothes, bathing suits, toothbrushes, DVDs, and the portable DVD player back to The United States with them. And everything was packed and Lisa, Moppy, Corduroy, and Pinocchio were off to put all of their stuff like their clothes, pajamas, tooth brush, DVDs, and the portable DVD player and the book from the McDonalds from the first day in the car. First stop was Geppetto’s workshop and they drove there to pick up Geppetto and the Moving van with all of Geppetto’s furniture and stuff has already left for The United States. Next Lisa and Moppy returned the rental car and got all of their stuff and luggages like their clothes, bathing suits, tooth brushes, DVDs, and portable DVD player. Geppetto and Pinocchio came along with Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy and got on the Hertz bus to the baggage claim and once Geppetto, Pinocchio, and the Carolleys got the baggage claim The Carolleys dropped their luggages off at the baggage check in. And Then Geppetto, Pinocchio, and The Carolleys checked in for the airplane ride and waited. Then the airplane has arrived and put all luggages and passengers in to fly to the United States. After when all luggages and all passengers are in the airplane the airplane took off and flied to the United States. Once the airplane have landed in the New York airport the passengers came off the airplane and Lisa told Geppetto and Pinocchio that they don’t have to worry about Stromboli anymore and that they are safe. And at the baggage claim Geppetto and Pinocchio sat down on a bench while Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy gets all of their luggages. After when Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy got all of their luggages Geppetto and Pinocchio found Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy and go to Lisa’s school bus all of their luggages got safe in the school bus and everybody got on the school bus. First Lisa drove the school bus to Geppetto’s new house and the moving van with all of Geppetto’s furniture and stuff has already arrived from a ferry boat and a lady named Sara and willing to help Geppetto unpack his furniture and stuff and so Lisa dropped Geppetto and Pinocchio off at their new home. Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy came in Geppetto Disney’s new home during the unpacking and after the unpacking Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy had dinner at Geppetto’s new house and the Dinner was 3 cheese stuffed crust Pizza from Pizza Hut and they all had sodas. And after Dinner the blue ferry came to Geppetto’s new home to turn Pinocchio into a real boy and Geppetto, Sara, and Pinocchio were all happy and so as the Carolleys. And after when Pinocchio Disney turned into a real boy The Carolleys wanted to go back to their apartment in New York City before it gets late So they waved bye at their new friends for now and went back on their school bus. Once Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy went back in their apartment they all unpacked their luggages by putting their clothes and pajamas and bathing suits in their clothing drawers, putting their toothbrushes back in their bathroom, The DVDs on the shelf next to their television set and so as the portable DVD player. And after the unpacking Lisa’s Mother came to the apartment and told Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy that when they were in Italy that she bought an apartment of her own that now Lisa and Moppy are Married. Lisa and Moppy showed Lisa’s mother the pictures they took in Italy. And then Lisa, Moppy, and Corduroy sat on the couch and watched the episode of The Ronald McDonald show that was airing when they were in Italy and Lisa’s Mother was going to watch too. And they all love it and they lived happily ever after.