Those are very nice school buses because I know school buses are always out running on the roadways even when school is out of session.
Very safety & well-organized School Bus in Toronto!

Very safety & well-organized School Bus in Toronto!

Now they only use electric stop arms but some of their older school buses from the early 1990s or before the 1990s might still use the air ones (not yet upgraded to electric stop arms). Some air stop arms uses an actual blade with the word stop painted on instead of a stop sign which is a bright red octagon that tells people to stop and all electric stop arms uses a stop sign which is a bright red octagon that tells people to stop. Air stop arms are antiques and electric stop arms are mode
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a school bus parked in a market.

rn stop arms.
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school bus at night

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Stop arm rear.


a special needs school bus in Toronto Ontario.

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adults entering school bus.

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An international Thomas school bus in Toronto Ontario Canada.

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school bus in snow.

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2015 Blue Bird vision

2015 Blue Bird vision in Toronto Ontario Canada.

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bunches of school buses.

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school bus on highway.

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